I Like Things That Look Like A Mistake

I’m so embarrassed. I’m not a real person yet.

Frances Ha

I am one of many who could, can and have gone on and on about how much I relate to the character of Frances. This movie felt like it was written about me at the very specific time in my life at the time of my original viewing. But the movie was made in 2013 and the time in my life was 2017. So unless Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig time travelled, were some reason in my lame ass hometown and were like ‘Yes…that’s who we should write a movie about’, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

The truth lies the fact that Baumbach and Gerwig both hold the ability in their film making where they can cultivate an experience that is so vastly heartfelt and authentic that you can’t help to maybe not relate but feel for the characters within the story. Whether it’s in the dialogue, staging or simply vibe of the scene, nothing feels false. The titular character is uncertain, lost and trying to find her place in a world that she thought she had figured out. If you never felt like that, I’m extremely jealous of you or concerned for how much you’re bottling inside.

I, a twenty something year old, who at the time of watching felt her life was unraveling empathized way too much with Frances. Much like Frances, I was rather dependent on my best friend who was my roommate at that time. She then ended up moving out to live with her then boyfriend and I had a moment or ten of panic about what that meant for me, our relationship and how I was going to be without her constantly there. It was a very overwhelming time especially when I have anxiety at super power strength sometimes.

Rewatching Frances Ha now, I was curious to if it would still hold so much weight to be as it did in that time. I blame Greta Gerwig because she’s like Midas. Everything she touches does turn to gold and also there is simply a warmth Greta has as a filmmaker, writer, actress and human that one can only be born with. It was nice to know that looking back how I felt in that time and where I’m at now is very reflective of the movie. Frances didn’t close the book on that part of her life but instead flipped the page and began a new chapter. I believe I did too.

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