What The Cuss?

We’re all different… Him, especially. But there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there?

Mrs. Fox

I could talk on and on about Wes Anderson and how he is an utter creative genius. A legend if you will. All his movies have a whimsy and warmth to them with such a signature style that it could only be Wes Anderson. His first dive into animation, he goes into arguably the hardest form of animation: stop motion. Calm down, Anderson. You meticulous overachiever. Fantastic Mr. Fox already has such a fantastical and charming feel to it because of Roald Dahl who equally is a creative genius and a legend. Together, it’s the combination of perfection.

The cast is loaded as to be expected with star power of the Wes Anderson regulars and lead by two unknowns that absolutely nobody has ever heard of: George Clooney and Meryl Streep. I know if I was an actress, I’d be telling my agent to get me any script, any audition and anything to be a part of a Wes Anderson movie.

The movie takes you on the journey of a former thief Mr. Fox who has since retired to become a family man. However after moving near the ultimate jackpot of thievery, the impulse is too much and he’s drawn back in. Simultaneously his nephew Kristofferson is staying with them who becomes accidental competition for Mr. Fox’s already insecure son Ash. Things, as they do, go awry.

The charm of Wes Anderson isn’t lost in the animation at all. It actually might even be heightened by it. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a fun, light and thoroughly enjoyable watch in the midst of the heavier award movies everyone is consuming of late and a nice escape from this world we currently live in. It’s just cussing fantastic!

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