Pretty In Pink And Forever In The Friendzone

So Pretty In Pink is my favourite Brat Pack film. Hands down.

But here’s the thing…

I must have been around 14 when I originally saw the movie. For a long time, I hated the ending. I adored the film as a whole but I would just omit the ending and focus on everything else. Andie’s relationship with her dad. Annie Potts being incredible as always. Duckie being too pure for this world. Stef being a dick but super hot so who even cares about how he acts? Plus he totally had a thing for Andie that was so under the surface. Even Andie’s other friend in gym class who I totally forget the name of was cool.

You may see that I didn’t include someone. I think it’s pretty clear what I’m getting at for anyone who has watched Pretty In Pink.

The appliance is missing. 

Blane certainly isn’t the worst but he’s just kind of…blah. Though I love Andrew McCarthy. He’s great. Underrated 80s King! But Blane never connected with me. He was sweet yet kind of naive. I do think he liked Andie. But I was always on Team Duckie. Duckie would have done anything for Andie and Blane couldn’t get passed his own shit to let himself to be with Andie. I admired Duckie’s ability to just lay down his feelings for Andie and angrily watched Blane just pretend his didn’t exist. Andie deserved better. I will take back my previous statement. Team Andie all the way!

So I watched bitterly as Andie chose Blane at the ending. I was even more bitter about how much I loved their reconciliation song ‘If You Leave’. Duckie had an inkling of a girl liking him at the end. Something I was happy about because Duckie is great. Get it Duck!

Now being older and maybe wiser (probably not), I can accept the fact that Andie chose Blane. I can also see that perhaps it was the right choice for her. I mean if this guy who was so scared to be looked down upon by his snooty ass friends could chose to be with a girl in such an ugly dress, he must have really gotten over himself.

I’m kidding…kind of.

I don’t think Andie and Blane as a couple would last long however. Andie would see that she is something more than just the lower middle class girl with a odd, quirky yet somehow cool fashion sense. Blane would see that his friends and social standing shouldn’t effect how he sees other people. Listen to his heart and bleh bleh.

But then there is my sweet baby boy Duckie. I wanted him and Andie to be together so badly. How could Andie not like him? How could see how he would literally take a bullet for her? It frustrated me to no end. Ultimately, you can’t control how you feel towards someone else. If Andie could like Duckie romantically, I believe she would. She’d be a fool not to. But she simply just didn’t. Duckie finally was able to accept this at the end of the film but I couldn’t. It took me so long to stop being that angry teen grumbling about the end of a film to figure that out. The girl at the end was almost a signal to Duckie to finally let go of those emotions he held for so long over Andie. 

So now I have one less movie I’m angry about in some fashion. 

But Andie’s dress was still ugly. That will never change.

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