Evil Dead And A Bonk On The Head

I had quite the time when I originally saw Evil Dead in theatres. Oh yes…here comes another story.

I was seeing it with my best friend’s then boyfriend. She doesn’t like horror films and was also across the country at the time. His friends were lame. Also this movie promoted itself as “The most terrifying film you will ever experience”. I hate it when movies make such big claims. But sure…fuck me up. Put me in an insane asylum after. That’s the kind of shit I want. Nothing to do with this story but this being a movie blog, I enjoyed Evil Dead. Some of the gore really unsettled me and has stuck with me but I’m still a functioning human after seeing it. I feel jipped. ANYWAYS…

We’re in the theatres and the first two kills happen. So far, so good. He suddenly gets up and was like ‘I have to go to the washroom’. I was sitting there like ‘…okay but this shit is going to go off soon and you’re going to miss it but suit yourself chief.’ I continued to watch the movie, got really sucked into it and then realised that the final kill was coming up and he still wasn’t back. Now I had a couple thoughts. He either abandoned me, was having a rough time in the washroom or got lost coming back somehow. All three were pretty valid options in my mind at the time.

I had a choice to make. I finish the movie and then find him or leave before final kill of the movie. I -against what I truly wanted- chose to be a good person, gathered up all our stuff and went to go see what happened to this dumbass who is making me miss the last bit of this movie.

Soooo…I found him in the lobby. With a cup of water in one hand and granola bar in another, he recounted what happened to me. Turns out a combo of not eating that day and messed up from the scene where the girl pulls the needle or whatever out of her eye, he had ended up passing out and hitting his head off the counter. He was okay besides being embarrassed and also disappointed that he couldn’t get the security footage of it happening. What a time…

It’s to be noted that I did eventually catch the end scene on TV later on down the road. It was epic. Evil Dead did such a good job at honouring the original and actually making a good horror movie. …Maybe I should actually rewatch this. Jane Levy is someone who needs more attention in Hollywood. 100%. If horror movies are your thing, you liked the original movies or you’re just looking for a movie to watch, put this one on. It’s a fun, gory time. Just make sure to not pass out, hit your head and make your friend miss the ending. You know…out of courtesy of course.

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