Miss Americana and the Dormant Fan

Taylor was the popular person to hate. I never actually hated her. I simply allowed the girl I originally admired ripped away by words of the media. The exact same media I would defend other celebrities I adored from with vigour. There was a wall built up so high around Taylor Swift. It was easier not to attempt to scale it. So I didn’t. I let her go.

I Like Things That Look Like A Mistake

This movie felt like it was written about me at the very specific time in my life at the time of my original viewing. But the movie was made in 2013 and the time in my life was 2017. So unless Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig time travelled, were some reason in my lame ass hometown and were like ‘Yes...that’s who we should write a movie about’, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!

I was always aware of Tintin growing up. I’m sure being an avid reader that I read a couple of the books. I definitely watched the animated show. Snowy was always one of the best literary dogs. But I’d never say I was a huge fan of Tintin. He was fun, yet I tended to lean more towards female protagonists in media as a kid. You know because the world is littered with male heroes that are constantly shoved at you and have to scavenge through the garbage dump to find a semblance of something of quality. But Tintin is a cool dude. I respect.