Spotlight: Paul Dano

What I love about Paul Dano is also probably why he slips under so many peoples radar. How quietly impactful he can be with his acting and how he can so easily slip into characters to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!

I was always aware of Tintin growing up. I’m sure being an avid reader that I read a couple of the books. I definitely watched the animated show. Snowy was always one of the best literary dogs. But I’d never say I was a huge fan of Tintin. He was fun, yet I tended to lean more towards female protagonists in media as a kid. You know because the world is littered with male heroes that are constantly shoved at you and have to scavenge through the garbage dump to find a semblance of something of quality. But Tintin is a cool dude. I respect.